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Finding power lineman jobs in Ontario is much the same as finding any other job anywhere else. There are a few key tricks that can give you an edge when it comes to power lineman jobs. For example, whether you are applying to one of the well-known utilities such as Ontario Power Generation or Hydro One, or you are trying to land this type of job somewhere else, you will need up to date knowledge of the Canadian Electrical Code that is published by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA). Though you likely studied this in your training already it is updated every three years.

The CSA offers training on the most recent Canadian Electrical Code, and participation could give you a leg up when you are looking for power lineman jobs in Ontario. They also offer workplace electrical safety training which is also something great to have when trying to stand out among many trying to get the same job. Everyone applying for a job as a lineman is expected to know the code, but if you have put the time and effort into additional training a potential employer is likely to notice. There are plenty of other things you can do as well.

For a power lineman though, the majority of the training is done during the apprentice stage. If you have successfully finished your three years as an apprentice then finding power lineman jobs in Ontario will be easy. These are highly paid jobs, but there is about a 50% drop out rate due to the dangerous nature of the job. Those who stick with it are rewarded with a promising career that not only pays well but helps others as well. Powerlinemen are those who are called out when electrical lines are damaged due to storms and other natural disasters. They also are the ones who actually put up and connect new powerlines as needed.

Lastly, it may be necessary to cheat a little. One of the major problems when looking for power lineman jobs in Ontario, and many other types of jobs in other places, is that they are posted internally first. If the position if filled internally it never makes it to the general public and you never see it. It could be worth it to apply for other types of jobs at companies that will hire a lineman just to get your foot in the door so you can have notice of jobs posted internally.

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Date Job Title Company Location
11-24-14 Journeyman Power Lineman... Copperline Excavating LTD Spruce Grove & Grande Prairie, AB
11-24-14 3rd or 4th year Apprentice Power Lineman... Copperline Excavating LTD Spruce Grove & Grande Prairie, AB
11-27-14 Must have Journeyman Power Lineman Certificate or equivalent. We are creating a ... Newhook Trenching Ltd Calgary, AB
11-27-14 Journeyman Power Lineman with at least five years of experience in a leadership ... City of Lethbridge Lethbridge, AB
11-27-14 * Journeyman Powerline Technician certificate or Power Lineman certificate or eq... EPCOR Utilities Edmonton, AB
11-27-14 At ENMAX a Journeyman Powerline Technician/ Power Lineman/ Power Line Technician... ENMAX Calgary, AB
11-27-14 DDP TECHNOLOGY IS LOOKING FOR A CERTIFIED POWER LINEMAN ( journeyman) for high v... Ddp Technology Toronto, ON
11-27-14 We are creating a position for journeyman transmission lineman in Calgary for ou... Newhook Trenching Calgary, AB
11-27-14 forward resume to Dean @ *****-***** Job Title: Power Lineman Company Name: DDP ... Ddp Technology Hamilton, ON
11-27-14 DDP Technology is looking for a power lineman to perform live high voltage CO2 c... Unknown Hamilton, ON
11-27-14 Lethbridge, City of (Lethbridge AB): "Lineman with at least five years of experi... Unknown Unknown